sexta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2010

Wanna know what time it is? (Part 1)

On September 7th, 1822, D. Pedro shouted out and loud that he would be independent, "-Independence or death!", or he'd die for it. Come on, if a man says that you rather give him his independence or he'd give his life trying to obtain it at all costs you have got to give the guy some credit, after all you have got to have some balls in order to do that. I don't know, it was like a Chuck Norris kind of thing. The fact is he got what he wanted and it was on that day, also known as Brazil's Independence Day, that i got my Real Time Clock breakout board soldered, acctually not in 1822 but in 2010. And here are some pictures of the process so you can all imagine how i spend my holiday.



working in the serial monitor
 Next step was putting it together inside arduitter.

rtc inside


and voilà (brazilian date format - dd/mm/yyyy)
There are a few problems i still have to solve, it (rtc) worked connected only to the lcd and arduino, when i use the wave shield i get some garbage from the rtc. Another "todo" thing is that i want all the numbers of the date and time to have two digits, so it'll be always centralized. As soon as i get these things done i come back with the results. In the meantime, follow arduitter on twitter.


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