domingo, 30 de maio de 2010

Soldered and working - Soldado e funcionando

I've finally soldered the Wave Shield and as unbelievable as it could sound, everything worked fine at first. Here are some pictures of the shield. Next step now is integrate it with the LCD. Maybe i'll post a video of the shield working.

Finalmente soldei o Wave Shield e por incrivel que pareça tudo funcionou perfeitamente de primeira. Segue algumas fotos do shield. Próximo passo agora é integrar com o LCD. Talvez eu poste um vídeo do shield funcionando.

Here is a link from Ladyada i used to help me on this task. Audio Shield for Arduino

Segue um link que eu usei pra me ajudar nessa tarefa. Audio Shield for Arduino

quinta-feira, 27 de maio de 2010

Receiving new tweets - Recebendo novos tweets

Java code and Arduino working together to show new tweets at on the LCD.

Código java e Arduino trabalhando juntos para mostrar novos tweets de no LCD.

Now i could implement some improvements in both (Java and Arduino) codes, add some graphical interface, show the tweet a little bit different (as a friend of mine suggested), etc, but i won't. What i intent to do next is solder the Wave Shield and put to work together with what i already have. Problem is, i already tryed to solder the shield and i realize that my skills aren't enough. Anyway, let's see what happens.

Agora eu poderia implementar algumas melhorias nos códigos (Java e Arduino), adicionar uma interface gráfica, mostrar o tweet um pouco diferente (como um amigo sugeriu), entre outras coisas, mas não vou. O que estou querendo fazer agora é soldar o Wave Shield e colocar pra funcionar junto com o que já tenho. O problema é que eu já tentei soldar o shield e percebi que eu não tenho tanta habilidade assim. De qualquer forma vamos ver o que acontece.

terça-feira, 25 de maio de 2010

Two languages - Dois idiomas

Today a friend of mine gave me a suggestion that i thought it would be interesting to accept. He said that i should post in both English and Portuguese, so that people who can't read the posts written in English could also follow the project. So, from now on i'm going to post in two languages, English and Portuguese.

Hoje um amigo meu me deu uma sugestão que eu achei que seria interessante aceitar. Ele disse que eu deveria postar tanto em Inglês quanto em Português, dessa maneira pessoas que não leêm em Inglês poderiam acompanhar o projeto. Portanto, de agora em diante estarei escrevendo em duas línguas, Inglês e Português.

Now, the interesting part. To keep the blog up to date with what i'm doing, i'm working in how i'm going to show the tweets in the LCD and the integration with the Java code. Once this is done i'll post the results. For now, that's what i got.

Agora a parte interessante. Pra manter o blog atualizado com o que eu estou fazendo, estou trabalhando em como mostrar os tweets no LCD e na integração com o código Java para a verificação de novos tweet. Assim que finalizar posto os resultados. Por enquanto isso é o que tenho.

segunda-feira, 24 de maio de 2010

LCD soldering and test

This weekend i finally worked on something but i still have some working left to be done. To get started with the project for real i first soldered the lcd to the header so i could use it with the protoboard. Here is a picture of what i had:

The header onto the breadboard so it could give me a stand where i could put the lcd and make it stand still.

The LCD itself.

Ready to solder.

The next pictures are the result of my soldering skills. Please take into consideration this was my first time and everything worked just fine. It may not look nice but it does the job.

Once the soldering part is done its time to do the wiring. In this task i had i little help of this link here from Ladyada.

A little regulation in the potentiometer and Voilà, everything is working just fine.

Now i have two things that need to de done. First one, i have to integrate the Arduino with my Java code to show new tweets on the LCD. In order to do that i need to thing of what i want to be shown about the tweet (from, date/time, the status itself, etc) and how i want it to be shown (scroll the text left, scroll the text up, etc). And the second task refers to the Wave Shield i bought that still need to be soldered and after that tested.

quarta-feira, 19 de maio de 2010

Guess who's home

Yeah, they've finally arrived. After 18 days of waiting yesterday when i was getting back home from work i received the package. Today i'm thinking about going out to buy a few things that i still don't have and that i'm going to need to put it together. For now here are some pictures of the package and its content.

The package as i received

More of the same

Package content

Some work to do

Let's solder.

segunda-feira, 17 de maio de 2010

Another week waiting

Today starts another week. I just hope this doesn't become another one of waiting. I'm looking forward to put everything together. While waiting, for those who doesn't know what Arduino is, take a look at the project page.

Arduino Duemilanove
Arduino Duemilanove

segunda-feira, 10 de maio de 2010

Some interesting projects with Arduino and Twitter

While i'm waiting for my order here are some interesting projects i found using Arduino and Twitter.

Arduino Twitter LCD -

Door Notes -

Door Notes -

Rss Parser for twitter -

Twitter to LCD – with scrolling text -

Twitter Hardware -

terça-feira, 4 de maio de 2010

Still waiting

This post is just to remind that i'm still waiting for my order to arrive. Until that nothing can be done.