segunda-feira, 24 de maio de 2010

LCD soldering and test

This weekend i finally worked on something but i still have some working left to be done. To get started with the project for real i first soldered the lcd to the header so i could use it with the protoboard. Here is a picture of what i had:

The header onto the breadboard so it could give me a stand where i could put the lcd and make it stand still.

The LCD itself.

Ready to solder.

The next pictures are the result of my soldering skills. Please take into consideration this was my first time and everything worked just fine. It may not look nice but it does the job.

Once the soldering part is done its time to do the wiring. In this task i had i little help of this link here from Ladyada.

A little regulation in the potentiometer and Voilà, everything is working just fine.

Now i have two things that need to de done. First one, i have to integrate the Arduino with my Java code to show new tweets on the LCD. In order to do that i need to thing of what i want to be shown about the tweet (from, date/time, the status itself, etc) and how i want it to be shown (scroll the text left, scroll the text up, etc). And the second task refers to the Wave Shield i bought that still need to be soldered and after that tested.


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