domingo, 4 de julho de 2010

Progress III

Here are some pictures of the work of this week. Some more pieces were built and put in place, some decisions were made, such as the place of the lcd and speaker, and some things still need to be done.

forehead piece

forehead piece

back of the "head"

back of the "head"



back piece

back piece

lcd spot cutted

lcd in place
speaker holes drawing
 Next steps are: make the speaker holes, find a way to hold the lcd in place (and find some screws for it), find a way to hold the speaker in place, put the arduino and the wave shield in place and finish the bird by cutting the tale piece missing only feet and sign. By the way, i think i'm going to leave a breadboard inside the bird to help me doing all the wiring.

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Virgílio disse...

you´re quite a carpinter!!!! hehehehe!

Arduitter disse...

I wish i were, if so it wouldn't been taking so long.

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