quinta-feira, 15 de julho de 2010

Nanibird template, arduino, wave shield, lcd and some wires

Yeah, it works (again). After some time arduitter has been put together once again, but this time it's where it's supposed to be, in the bird. Yesterday my package came in and i was able to wire it up and test the space i had on the inside to see if the whole thing would really fit. Below are some pictures of my order and for those who know what is shown in the pictures, lucky you, for those who doesn't, wait on a later post that i'll add it to the project and you'll be able to see it working.
the red box

some stuff

don't know what these things are?

before the jumpers

after the jumpers

before the header

after the header

speaker plug before

speaker plug after

lcd headers
the inside
the outside
 Now missing only its custom skin (Josh, you there?) and one more thing i intend to add to the project. When these two are done i'll make a video of it. While that, take a look at twitter and get to know arduitter's news before everyone else.

By the way, Josh, saw your tweet today and retweeted it. Thanks man.


mckibillo disse...

Yup, I'm here! working on your skin now.

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