quarta-feira, 7 de julho de 2010

Glueing it togehter

Yeah! Now it's starting to look nice. Here are some pictures of the glueing process of the pieces, the holes i made to put cables and boards in place and some of the tools i used.
speaker holes

how it's gonna look

piece in place

last piece

last piece in place

power input and p2 plug hole

arduino in place with provisory screws

usb cable hole

glueing process

plenty of glue

glued plus some "helpers"

before cleaning it

after cleaning it

glueing some more pieces

speaker glued in place
 That's it, next post i expect to have everything working integrated with the Java code. Hopefully i also expect #arduitter bird to have some feet and its sign in place.

Obs. This morning i realized that i glued the speaker upside down. But, anyway, there's no problem leaving it  like that. And, yes, those holes are enough to make it sound loud and clear.

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