segunda-feira, 2 de agosto de 2010


So, in order to continue with the project and improve it a little bit, today i ordered a few more things i'm going to need. Here they are:

At adafruit:
- Arduino with Atmega328 - That's for the CNC (keep reading)
- Real Time Clock breakout board

At Sparkfun:
- RF Link 2400bps Receiver 434MHz
- RF Link Transmitter 434MHz

Check this link (here for more info), section "What i expect from here", to understand what i bought this things for.

About the CNC Machine, i've just printed the cut pattern and my next step is to buy the MDF and glue the pattern on it so i can cut out the pieces, except that this time i'm going to do a little bit different, i'm going to have it cutted by some carpinter so i dont' get specialized in wood cutting. That's it for now, in the meantime follow Arduitter on Twitter.


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