terça-feira, 27 de abril de 2010

About it

So, here we go. I created this blog to be a place where i can put all my steps on a project i am willing to do. It basically is an integration between Arduino and Twitter (Arduitter, got it?) using some Java code. The main ideia is to create a Twitter bird that sings every time a new Tweet is sent to twitter.com/arduitter. Besides the singing part there is also going to be an character LCD that shows the most recent Tweet.

But, in order to continue with this project i will need to buy some stuff i still do not have. They are:

- A Wave Shield for Arduino

- An Standard Character LCD 16x2

That said, i decided to use a design of a bird i found over the internet. Its original design is a www.nanibird.com art modified by www.ataquemutante.com. The result can be found here.

The ideia is to modify its original size so the hardware can fit perfectly on the inside. As you may be thinking now, i am not going to use paper to build it, so i am thinking on building it using wood.

What i have now:

- An Arduino Duemilanove

- Java code to find new tweets. By the way, i used JTwitter to help me on this task. There is still some improvements to be done on the code.

I think that's it. If you somehow got interested on the project feel free to contact me here, by Twitter or by email (arduitter at gmail.com).


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